Cost Control Associates helps organizations reduce and better manage their energy, waste removal and telecom expenses. Since 1991 our consulting services have saved millions of dollars for mid-to-large businesses, not-for-profit organizations, school districts and colleges, government agencies and others.  Take our Savings Meter Survey to find out if we can help you!


Have you audited your business’ energy expenses recently? Are you sure you have optimal rate and service structures? Consider our service offerings:

Invoice Processing & Payment

Energy Procurement

Cost Recovery & Reduction

Location Opening & Closing Services

Other Energy Services



Do costs continue to rise? Are you paying for services you may not need? Do you need help corralling bills and managing providers? Learn about our services:

• Solid Waste (Trash)

• Recycling

• Pharmaceutical & Medical Waste

• Hazardous Material

• Shredding Services/Document Destruction



Do you struggle to make sense of line charges on your invoices? Are you paying the best rates? Could another provider give you more for your money? We can help:

Telecom Cost Recovery & Reduction

Cellular Cost Review & Optimization

Other Telecom/Cellular Services



Our Clients Include: