What We’ll Need:

All we need to get the Quick Scan process started is a copy the most current invoice available for each account for which a quick scan is requested. If purchasing the service from a third party, a copy of the current contract or pricing sheet is helpful. We ask only that bills with spend in excess of $1000/month be submitted for Quick Scan.

One of our analysts will review your invoice(s) to determine if any opportunities exist. Then we’ll have a short phone call to personally review our findings with you. Average turnaround time on a Quick Scan is about one week, so we’ll talk to you soon!

How to Submit Bill(s):

1. E-Mail: Please scan the document(s) and send to Janis.Porter@CostControlAssociates.com

2. Fax: Send document(s) to us at 518-798-1735.

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