Cut Utility Costs

Do I have to provide my actual bills or can I supply a billing history instead?

A billing history generally does not contain the full detail of billing components we analyze on your behalf. If it helps to accelerate the process, Cost Control Associates can provide copy services.

Both the utility company and our own people already review our bills for possible errors. Do we still need further review?

Utility tariffs are always changing and can be complicated. We regularly review and analyze tariffs across the country and often are aware of riders or special provisions that are obscured in the fine print. Because of our experience, we know when a supplier is not providing the right information or the customer service representative is off track. We know how to ask the right questions and press for the right answers. (Read about real-life situations and how we helped)

I don’t mind paying for you to find refunds, but why should I pay for future cost savings?

Our cost savings recommendations are always subject to your approval; we do not implement any changes until you agree we should. While we have recovered significant refunds for some of our customers, we have found that more than 50% of our findings come from cost reductions to your current bill. Wouldn’t you rather pay a lower cost (which includes our fee for those savings) than continue over-paying your utility company?

How much of our time will this project take?

Every situation is different, and it depends on many things. Without knowing the details of your situation, we cannot say how much of your time we will need. You can rest assured that our team of experienced professionals will respect your time and do everything they can to save you money.

How long does the cost review and recovery process take?

Generally, a report of findings is presented to you within 60-90 days from the start of our review. If you agree that we should proceed, it usually takes about six months for us to request and verify all refunds and cost savings findings and issue you a final report.

Who are your clients?

We have performed our services for a wide variety of organizations. Our client list includes Fortune 100 companies such as Walmart, Bank of America, Home Depot, Union Pacific and General Electric as well as hundreds of municipalities, not-for-profits and small-to-medium sized businesses across the United States and, in some cases, beyond.

Can you provide your services to any type of company?

Each organization is unique, but our procedures are applicable to any type of company. We have dealt with most utilities in the U.S. and beyond and have the versatility to find refunds and cost savings for most organizations.

We had a review by someone else. Why should we get another review?

Our review is detailed and intensive. We often identify findings that our peer companies have missed. (If your review is contingency-based, it may not cost you anything to seek another point of view. You don’t pay until we find something.)

What differentiates your firm from others offering a similar service?

There are many characteristics that set us apart. Please consider our:

Attention to Detail: Some firms concentrate solely on easy-to-find refunds and “cherry pick” only the refunds that justify their time investment. Cost Control Associates enters every account into a master database and systematically checks each one for large and small refund opportunities. In addition to identifying refunds, we analyze all bills for alternate rate opportunities and additional cost reduction items.

Flexibility: Cost Control Associates doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to its services; we customize our services to meet your needs. We do not lock clients into a long term contract nor do we insist that bills be automatically sent to us before you have had the chance to review them in house. You choose which recommendations we pursue on your behalf.

Professionalism: We always work, first and foremost, for the benefit of our clients, yet we maintain professional relationships with suppliers and carriers. You can trust us to work directly with your providers to correct errors and rate changes we’ve identified.

Success Rate: We leverage our track record and daily interactions with major suppliers to produce the maximum recoveries and cost savings for our clients.

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