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How can location opening and closing services benefit my organization?
Utility companies can be difficult to reach, and when you do get in touch with them, they require very specific information. When Cost Control Associates handles your location openings and closings, you save yourself the time and effort of managing all the details on your own.

We contact the utility companies to initiate or terminate services and make sure the details are properly handled. We can often negotiate or eliminate deposit requirements. We also have extensive knowledge of utility rate structures so that you get the best rate available in your situation. Cost Control Associates makes sure these important activities happen on time, at the optimal rate and according to your plan.

What do these services include?
Location opening services include:

Contacting providers to initialize service,
Negotiating to waive or lower opening deposit amounts,
Ensuring you get the most appropriate, most beneficial rate schedule,
Uncovering applicable rate and service discounts, and
Verifying your first invoice for accuracy.

When it’s time to terminate service, leave the details to us. Our location closing services include:

Contacting each provider to end service,
Confirming that the closing occurs as arranged,
Verifying that original deposits are credited or refunded,
Ensuring that all final account credits are paid.

How long do we have to wait for you to take action on our request to open or close services?
We generally initiate each open/close request within two business days of receipt of the request.
What is the cost of location or account opening/closing services?
Our fees are normally based on a fixed amount per service, account and/or site. Please contact us for more details.

“We were looking for a way to reduce unnecessary costs without taking time from our small, busy staff. Cost Control Associates looked at our energy, telecom and cellular invoices. We only had to provide a few bills and hold a few conference calls. Cost Control Associates made the process painless and found significant savings in areas where we had no idea we were over-paying.”

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City of Apache Junction

“The city’s time involvement was minimal, and that was important. The review was thorough and the results worthwhile. It was a pleasure to work with the professionals at Cost Control Associates."

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City of Tempe

“We were impressed that Cost Control Associates’ efforts produced refunds and annual savings of more than $40,000. The greatest value is knowing we are now accurately billed by the utility and telecom companies.”

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Gilbert Public Schools

“The analysis was well worth any effort on our part. School districts are stretched pretty thin these days; we were happy when Cost Control Associates found opportunities for refunds and savings. I give them a ‘10’ on their overall services. They were easy to work with, too.”

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Chandler Unified School District

"It is the expert recommendations of Cost Control Associates’ staff, on a continual basis, that ease the administrative strain of trying to stay abreast of regulation, deregulation, consolidations, competition and technology."

Town of Queensbury (New York)

"Cost Control Associates improved our budgeting process for water, sewer, gas and electricity services across all work sites. They were already processing and paying our energy invoices. With their added support, we enhanced our budgeting accuracy and gained ability to adjust utility values as needed. Cost Control delivers a timely, accurate result—and their people are always pleasant to work with."

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Major Satellite Provider

"Cost Control Associates made a valuable contribution towards the reduction of our utility and telecommunication costs."

C. R. Bard, Inc.

"We had already made good progress in tracking and controlling energy costs on our own, so we questioned whether Cost Control Associates could do any better. The $2.5 million in annual savings that they found was quite an answer!"

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National Telecom Carrier

"Cost Control Associates reduced our telephone bill costs. Their audit was thorough and comprehensive. Every aspect of our telecom services was reviewed for errors. It was a very worthwhile project."

Coca-Cola Bottling Company

"We have recommended Cost Control Associates’ services to other AAA branches. We would certainly recommend them to any company or organization looking to reduce costs and find assurance that their utility and telephone accounts are billed correctly."

AAA Hudson Valley

"Our previous energy bill payer had assured us they were providing a constant close review of our rates and overall services. Cost Control Associates made a big impression when they found energy cost savings that added up to six figures!"

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Big Box Retailer

"Cost Control Associates recommended and implemented changes in local calling plans that resulted in significant savings for our company. We found Cost Control Associates to be prompt and detailed in their reporting and their employees very professional and courteous."

F. W. Webb Company

"Cost Control Associates showed us that a one-size-fits-all reverse auction process does not always produce the best results. We abandoned the reverse auction results for Cost Control Associates’ RFP process. They tripled the savings the reverse auction process produced!"

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Private University

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