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How can location opening and closing services benefit my organization?

Utility companies can be difficult to reach, and when you do get in touch with them, they require very specific information. When Cost Control Associates handles your location openings and closings, you save yourself the time and effort of managing all the details on your own.

We contact the utility companies to initiate or terminate services and make sure the details are properly handled. We can often negotiate or eliminate deposit requirements. We also have extensive knowledge of utility rate structures so that you get the best rate available in your situation. Cost Control Associates makes sure these important activities happen on time, at the optimal rate and according to your plan.

What do these services include?

Location opening services include:

Contacting providers to initialize service,
Negotiating to waive or lower opening deposit amounts,
Ensuring you get the most appropriate, most beneficial rate schedule,
Uncovering applicable rate and service discounts, and
Verifying your first invoice for accuracy.

When it’s time to terminate service, leave the details to us. Our location closing services include:

Contacting each provider to end service,
Confirming that the closing occurs as arranged,
Verifying that original deposits are credited or refunded,
Ensuring that all final account credits are paid.

How long do we have to wait for you to take action on our request to open or close services?

We generally initiate each open/close request within two business days of receipt of the request.

What is the cost of location or account opening/closing services?

Our fees are normally based on a fixed amount per service, account and/or site. Please contact us for more details.

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