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Utility Data Management Services

Ongoing Analysis of Utility Data Assures Accuracy

Cost Control Associates’ utility data management services can bring you peace of mind. We have a unique process that ensures errors are identified and your accounts are on the optimal rates going forward. The key features of our services include:

  • Usage Validation: We are the only firm that takes the extra step to validate usage accuracy. We do this by taking the difference between beginning and ending meter readings and multiplying that number by the meter multiplier to verify that the billed usage agrees with the calculated usage. This is one more way we make sure your data is accurate in our reporting system.
  • Depth of Program: While most firms provide automated system checks, Cost Control Associates takes a deeper dive. Our multi-staged review validates data accuracy and finds errors and cost savings. This process results in greater identification of refunds and cost savings than a single stage automated review can provide.
  • Experience: We leverage our volume of business and daily interactions with major suppliers to produce maximum recoveries and savings for our clients. This accounts for our high success rate in negotiating thousands of cost reductions and refunds.
  • Proven Success: Rather than relying solely on algorithm-based programs, we assign a dedicated analyst who also uses his/her eyes, knowledge and experience to review the data. As a result, we produce a higher level of refunds and cost savings. This has been proven when we perform secondary reviews for clients who received utility auditing services from another provider: We regularly find additional reductions and refunds.

Budgeting & Forecasting Utility Costs

Minimize Impact, Maximize Results
Our experienced utility data management team will analyze the data for your organization and prepare budgets by site by month. They can even prepare budgets that include usage, unit cost and extended cost.

Building a precise utility budget is a critical process that requires in-depth knowledge of industry trends and utility-specific rate changes. Market volatility and under-informed forecasting can result in a faulty budget with thousands of dollars in misallocated funds.

Cost Control Associate’s daily interactions with major regulated utility companies and constant review of rates give us the knowledge to do the job right. We stay on top of the market trends that affect your forecasts.

Site Performance Benchmarking

Rising energy costs affect your bottom line. To get a realistic picture of your facilities’ operating efficiency, you need to consider many complicated factors. For Cost Control Associates’ utility cost data management solutions, we begin by comparing your energy consumption with similar facilities within your industry as well as comparable industries. We’ll deliver a customized report that outlines where you stand.

Emissions Reporting & Consulting

We will provide green/carbon footprint reports. We can also help you establish sustainability goals, benchmark your buildings using ENERGY STAR and create a detailed plan to achieve these goals.

Energy Star Assistance

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is a valuable benchmarking tool that Cost Control Associates will help you pursue. By looking at performance at the whole-building level, building managers can identify opportunities for savings through operational improvements, system optimization and capital upgrades.​

To learn more about how we can help you with your organization’s utility data management, please contact us.

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