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Governments & Agencies

Cut Utility Costs Instead of Government Services

An energy and telecom cost audit can help your government entity find money for the services your constituents depend on. Our analysis team has extensive experience working with local, city and state government entities that want to save money on energy, water and sewer, waste removal and telecom costs. The in-house payment and tracking of these costs are time-consuming and frustrating.Governments & Agencies | Town Hall | Cost Control Associates

Cost Control Associates has saved millions of dollars for more than 500 local governments and agencies across the U.S. Every year it seems that more and more expenses are pushed onto city, county and state governments. Yet city managers still have facilities and properties to maintain, programs to run and residents to keep happy.

We understand the challenges of managing utility expenses while maintaining programs and services. Many of your costs and services are fixed, yet you are constantly asked to spend less or find more money for add-ons and emergencies.

We offer our cost audit services on a contingency fee basis. We will analyze your organization’s account invoices without charging upfront or additional fees. When we find savings, our fee is paid from a percentage of those findings. If we find nothing, you pay nothing.

To help you meet competitive bidding requirements, we have a contract in place with a leading purchasing cooperatives: NCPA. Most local governmental agencies have the ability to piggyback on contracts that are publicly solicited through a lead public agency.

Outsource Utility Bill Processing and Avoid Late Fees

Does your Accounts Payable staff spend a lot of time processing energy, waste removal and telecom bills, yet you still end up paying late fees and erroneous charges? Energy invoices are time-sensitive and that often leads to late payments. As a result, you rack up significant fees that quickly throw off your financial planning.

You might be paying too much! It is not the utility company’s job to make sure you are in the right rate categories. Sometimes behind-the-scenes rate changes at the utility can bump you into a new category. This means you may pay rates that are not the best option for your operational behavior and usage. If your billing staff lacks the expertise to stay on top of such changes (and most do), you will lose out. When you outsource utility bill processing to Cost Control Associates, you can kiss your worries good-bye! You get efficient, accurate invoice processing plus 24/7 access to a complete database that allows you to manage and report your costs. There are more than 80 standard and customized report options.

Our Utility Expense Management Solutions

Cost Control Associates is experienced in utility expense management solutions for multi-site organizations, and we can help you get the most from your service providers. Our cost audit services and other solutions will help you:

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