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Utility expense management is a time-consuming challenge for every organization, especially when you operate multiple locations and facilities. Cost Control Associates consults with clients of all types and sizes, across the U.S. and in parts of Canada, to help them reduce and better manage utility expenses for energy, waste removal, telecom and cellular. Our utility expense management services include utility invoice reviews, processing and paying utility bills, analyzing / reporting utility data, and energy procurement. We also perform budgeting and forecasting, Energy Star reporting and other consulting services.

With 30 years of experience, Cost Control Associates has proven expertise in delivering top-of-the-line utility expense management services that bring value to your organization. We operate independently, so we always have your best interests in mind. We know your providers and your industry. We can save you money!

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Industry Expertise:

Utility Expense Management Services | Power Lines | Cost Control Associates


Electricity, Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Oils, Water & Sewer

Energy is probably your organization’s greatest overhead expense. We can help you pay less without using less.

  • Paying too much?
  • Wasting time juggling invoices?
  • Overwhelmed by supplier calls?
  • Hassled by turning services on and off?

Utility Expense Management Services | Raccoon Peering out of Dumpster | Cost Control Associates

Waste Removal

Trash, Organic, Recycling, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Hazardous

Shifting rules and markets affect the price your organization pays to remove waste. Explore a customized solution to save money. 

  • Want to cut costs 20-50%?
  • Do your services match your usage?
  • Mystified by extra fees on your bills?

Utility Expense Management Services | Fiber Optic Phone Cable | Cost Control Associates

Telecom and Cellular

Local, Long Distance, Voice & Data, Internet, Cable

In this highly technical field, it’s easy to pay too much. Our experts will streamline your organization’s costs without cutting services.

  • Unaware of hidden rates?
  • Do you know what you are paying for?

Utility Expense Management Services

Utility Expense Reduction Services | smiling customer service rep | Cost Control Associates


Spend less. Better manage accounts and data for utilities, telecom, waste removal & more.

utility data management | Hands, Pen and Graph | Cost Control Associates

Utility Data Management

When we manage your invoice processing, you get 24/7 access to an extensive database of useful information with a multitude of reporting options.

utility bill processing services | close-up of man's hands using calculator | Cost Control Associates

Utility Bill Management

Centralize and streamline timely multi-site utility bill processing and payment. No more late fees!

Utility On and Off Services | Scissors cutting large red ribbon | Cost Control Associates

Open & Close Accounts

Save time and money while we establish or terminate accounts for your business. You will never again pay for a location that is no longer yours.

Energy and Telecom Utility Cost Reduction | $100 bills | Cost Control Associates

Energy Procurement

Tired of rising, unpredictable costs? We help manage your suppliers and get optimal pricing.

Community Offsite Solar Brokerage Services | solar project in field | Cost Control Associates

Off-Site Community Solar

Take advantage of solar power without building your own installation. Enjoy the benefits of renewable energy and smart pricing.

Evaluate Utility Supplier Options | Hand grabbing electricity bolt | Cost Control Associates

Utility Bill Audits

Don’t overpay! We examine your utility (& other) invoices to check rates, fix errors and lower costs.

GHG Emissions Reporting | hands holding glass model of Planet Earth | Cost Control Associates

GHG Emissions Reporting

Support sustainability with accurate greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

Client Solutions:

Fortune 500 Companies | Looking at sky thru skyscrapers | Cost Control Associates

Fortune 500 Companies

Back up your A/P or utility management team with industry-specific expertise that saves time and money.

Utility Expense Management Solutions for Healthcare Providers | Doctors performing surgery | Cost Control Associates

Healthcare Organizations

Lighten your load and leave utility expense management to us. A closer look at utility costs can bring financial relief.

Utility Expense Management Services for All Businesses | Work team talking | Cost Control Associates

Other Businesses

Do utility late fees throw off your financial planning? Are your rates the lowest available? Large or small, we can find out.

Utility Bill Management for Non-profits | Workers in soup kitchen | Cost Control Associates

Not For Profits

Spend less on utilities without taking away from your mission’s goals. We’ll show you how.

Utility Expense Management Solutions for Educational Institutions | Students walking across campus | Cost Control Associates

Educational Institutions

Trim excessively large utility expenses from your school budget. Rely on our team of experts to review costs.

Utility Expense Management Solutions for Government | Close-up of streetlight | Cost Control Associates

Government Agencies

Find money for the services your constituents depend on. Lean on our team to reduce energy and other utility costs.

“We had already made good progress in tracking and controlling energy costs on our own, so we questioned whether Cost Control Associates could do any better. The $2.5 million in annual savings that they found was quite an answer!” (Read the story.)

National Telecom Carrier

“Our previous energy bill payer had assured us they were providing a constant close review of our rates and overall services. Cost Control Associates made a big impression when they found energy cost savings that added up to six figures!” (Read the story.)

Big Box Retailer

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