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Waste Removal Management Consulting

Our waste removal management consultants can help you explore your options for cost-effective and efficient trash removal. Most U.S. businesses are located in an area where there is competitive market pricing for waste removal and management, but many businesses don’t realize they have a choice. The biggest waste management providers handle 65% of all U.S. waste, but you might get better pricing from a local hauler.

As part of our utility cost data management solution, Cost Control Associates’ experienced analysts work with you to understand the specific needs of each of your locations in order to procure waste management services that work best for your overall organization.

They will:

  • Evaluate your waste stream to determine pick-up needs for trash, recyclables, bio-waste, hazardous waste or other detritus.
  • Look at current provider contracts and evaluate whether they meet your present and future needs
  • Compare costs and services for local and national providers
  • Assess current usage, dumpster and receptacles sizes and pick-up schedules
  • Address additional needs and concerns specific to your organization

After presenting a list of recommendations, our team will implement the recommendations you choose.

We can also help you with:
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