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Utility Expense Reduction Services

If you’re concerned about your costs for energy, waste removal, telecom or other overhead costs, Cost Control Associates is here to help. Through a variety of innovative programs, Cost Control Associates delivers utility expense reduction services to businesses and organizations of all sizes and types as well as school districts, educational institutions and local or state government agencies. Our clients believe the best way to effectively handle their utility expense management is by working with experienced analysts who understand and stay abreast of changes within the utilities industry.

Make Your Life Easier

You can spend less on utility and telecom costs without compromising services and availability. As a top-rated consultant for utility expense reduction services, Cost Control Associates offers the solutions you need to succeed. You can rest assured that we value your best interests, because we operate independently of utility providers and equipment installers.

Clients lacking in-house expertise often choose to outsource their entire utility expense function to Cost Control Associates. If your organization already has an in-house utility team, Cost Control Associates can advise on or manage those special projects that fall outside the scope or time constraints of your existing staff.

Get the most from your utility providers! Our services and programs allow you to:

For a quick introduction to our services, view this video. To schedule a free consultation, please contact us.

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