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Utility Cost Experts Can Find Money for Your Business

Your accounts payable people are not utility cost experts. They probably do not have the time or the industry knowledge to examine and track every charge on every utility bill for every one of your facilities. Mistakes and wrong charges happen. Rate categories can change without notice, and taxes can be misapplied.

Utility costs make up a significant portion of your budget, and the costs grow higher every year. Wouldn’t you like to know if you are paying too much? With nearly three decades of experience in providing utility cost expertise for businesses, Cost Control Associates analysts have the industry knowledge that can save your company money. When you take a hands-off approach to paying for utilities, it can cost you.

Don’t Pay Too Much

Cost Control Associates can help you better manage your utility expenses for:

  • Electricity, gas and fuel oils
  • Water/sewer
  • Waste removal
  • Telecommunications: Land and cellular

We can conduct a thorough review of your costs, process and pay your invoices, analyze your ongoing data, procure energy supply at lower costs, and more.

For organizations that have an in-house utilities team, Cost Control Associates can augment their efforts and free up manpower for other critical internal activities. Clients without in-house teams often choose to outsource the entire utility expense management function to Cost Control Associates.

Outsource Utility Bill Processing and Avoid Late Fees

Does your Accounts Payable staff spend a lot of time processing energy, waste removal and telecom bills, yet you still end up paying late fees and erroneous charges? Energy invoices are time-sensitive and that often leads to late payments. As a result, you rack up significant fees that quickly throw off your financial planning.

You might be paying too much! It is not the utility company’s job to make sure you are in the right rate categories. Sometimes behind-the-scenes rate changes at the utility can bump you into a new category. This means you may pay rates that are not the best option for your operational behavior and usage. If your billing staff lacks the expertise to stay on top of such changes (and most do), you will lose out. When you outsource utility bill processing to Cost Control Associates, you can kiss your worries good-bye! You get efficient, accurate invoice processing plus 24/7 access to a complete database that allows you to manage and report your costs. There are more than 80 standard and customized report options.

Our Utility Expense Management Solutions

Cost Control Associates is experienced in utility expense management solutions for multi-site organizations, and we can help you get the most from your service providers. Our cost audit services and other solutions will help you:

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