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Process Utility Bills & Manage Data

Avoid Late Fees with Accurate Utility Bill Processing Services

Your site managers and accounts payable employees are not telecom and utilities experts. They are likely to miss the red flags that indicate you are paying too much or paying late fees. If your bills are paid from individual locations, you may miss out on opportunities to compare services and costs as well as manage all your invoice data. We can help.

Cost Management Services Deliver Big Benefits with 24/7 Web Access. With our fast, efficient and accurate utility bill processing services, your multi-site organization can centralize and streamline its utility payment functions. You also get 24/7 access to a complete database that allows you to review your invoice data and create standard or customized reports on any aspects of your costs.

Our utility bill processing services include:

  • Handling incoming mail
  • Managing all building location and utility data
  • Scanning invoices and save in PDF
  • Entering all invoice data, including expense and usage info
  • Researching and resolving missing invoices
  • Prioritizing and managing any termination or late notices
  • More than 80 standard reports plus customized report options
  • Data files that interface with your accounting software
  • Budgeting and forecasting tools
  • Conscientious data security

Save Time, Pay Less

With Cost Control Associates’ telecom and utility bill processing services, you enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved cash flow with payment scheduling (never again pay too early or too late)
  • Avoid the late fees that often go untracked (because they are buried within your other charges)
  • Reduce or eliminate deposits
  • No more shut-offs, errors or duplicate payments
  • Single point of contact with a live person! (No 800 numbers or automated menus)

Get More from Your Invoice Data

When Cost Control Associates manages your bill payments, we capture usage and analyze critical data. Many of our clients choose to couple our utility bill processing services with our data analysis and review services to ensure rate optimization and make sure your bills continue to be error-free. Our systems contain utility-specific information that can help you act quickly on energy supply procurement and other opportunities, too.

To learn more about how we can help you with your utility bill processing, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit: Invoice Processing and Payment FAQs

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