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This major provider of satellite services makes advanced communications possible anywhere in the world by delivering information and entertainment for the world’s leading media and network companies, multinational corporations, internet service providers and government agencies.


Management wanted to improve the company’s budgeting process for water, sewer, gas and electric services across all its worksites. The company was spending millions of dollars on services and dealing with multiple monthly utility bills received at each site address. With that kind of spend across multiple geographies, there was room for error as well as potential for savings.

“Cost Control Associates met our goal of an improved, timely and accurate budget process.”


Cost Control Associates’ Budgeting and Forecasting Services allowed this company to achieve its goals. After careful analysis of annual utility expenditures, Cost Control used its vast knowledge of regulated and deregulated utility rates to determine appropriate budget parameters for each site location and service.

“We wanted more budgeting accuracy and the ability to adjust utility values as needed during the fiscal year.”

Using its own proprietary industry cost standards, Cost Control then set up internal controls and quarterly monitoring to track actual expenditures. When an aberration occurs, a Cost Control Associates analyst contacts the client to discuss the change and determine the cause. Cost Control Associates assists in the company’s annual budgeting process by providing up-to-date information on current rates as they relate to planned operating changes.

The satellite service provider now generates accurate expense forecasts based on real utility costs for all of its sites. With improved information, the client can better plan for operational changes and greater efficiency.

The company also takes advantage of Cost Control’s Energy Invoice Processing and Payment Services to enter invoice data, track charges and rates, and make payments for its various locations. This ensures accurate and timely payments without the hassles of doing it in-house. The company has the added benefit of an online portal through which they can access invoices and run detailed, customized reports.


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