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Telecom Cost Management

You want the best network equipment and services your business can afford, but you don’t have the time and expertise to closely examine your expenses or evaluate new technologies, systems and providers. Technology changes faster than ever, and you have other responsibilities to attend to.

If you have more than one location and bills are not centralized, your chances of paying too much rises significantly. In addition telecom services are complex. Multi-page bills with line after line of barely explained charges are hard to decipher. You can trust your accounts payable team to pay the bills on time, but it’s not their job to understand the ins and outs of each charge. Telecom cost management should be left to the experts!

Weighing the telecom services you need against the constraints of your bottom line is a delicate balancing act. Both are critical to your success, so don’t depend on your carrier alone to make the right recommendations for your business. It’s easy to get lost in a sales pitch about solutions, special pricing and discounts. They can sound good at the time, but they may cost you big when the promotions end and solutions get re-bundled. You need telecom experts on your side.

When you partner with Cost Control Associates as your telecom cost management company, we share our technical knowledge and experience to help you better manage and save money on any telecom-related services such as:

  • Internet
  • Ground and mobile phones
  • PBX networks
  • Copiers and scanners
  • Cable and satellite TVs
  • Credit card services
  • Security alarms and cameras
  • Safety systems
  • And more!

We know how telecom and IT providers work, what drives their profits and their insider terminology. We know your industry and what your competitors are paying for similar services. We ensure that your rate plans are optimized for the services and costs that will keep your business moving forward. We determine if charges are accurate and in accordance with your contract. We explore rate plan changes and consider elimination of unnecessary features, phones and devices. When things need fixing, we handle all the negotiations and have any refunds credited to your account or sent directly to you.

We help you maximize supplier service and minimize financial risks. Cost Control Associates’ telecom cost management services include :

  • Analyze usage data and costs
  • Review invoices for errors, overcharges and refund opportunities
  • Evaluate the numerous alternate rate plans offered by your current service provider and, if desired, alternate suppliers
  • Select the most cost-effective rate plans and calculate annual savings
  • Recommend, implement and confirm rate changes
  • Handle all negotiations on your behalf
  • Verify that implemented changes are in place and that you receive any refunds due.

Contact us to learn how we can help your business save money.

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