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Apache Junction, Arizona, is the easternmost community in the Phoenix-Mesa metropolitan area. It sits at the intersection of Old West Highway and the awe-inspiring Apache Trail that runs through the Superstition Mountains.

Anyone familiar with Hollywood westerns recognizes the silhouette of the Superstition Mountains. The city’s location, bordered by Tonto National Forest and stretches of state-owned land, make it ideal for tourism and outdoor recreation. Established in 1978, the city’s population is about 42,000 residents.


Years ago Cost Control Associates performed a telecom review for Apache Junction in partnership with another consulting firm. The review resulted in $1,000 in annual cost savings.

Cost Control Associates recommends that organizations do a cost review of their utility invoices every 3-4 years. When Keith Laake, president of Cost Control Associates, crossed paths with Apache Junction City Manager Bryant Powell at an Arizona City and County Management Association conference, they discussed the potential for another cost review.

The city was looking for ways to reduce unnecessary costs without taking time away from its small staff. Cost Control Associates was a natural fit.

“The review didn’t require much staff time at all. We only had to provide a few bills and have a few conference calls.”


Cost Control Associates introduced its Cost Reduction and RecoveryTM program for telecom, cellular and energy invoices. “We knew we could rely on Cost Control to help us take another look,” said Matt Busby, assistant city manager. “Whether or not new savings were found, we knew they’d make it an easy process for us.”

Thanks to the review, the city learned that its energy costs were under control. However, telecom and cellular told a different story. Cost Control discovered opportunities for new rate options for local telecom that amounted to $13,000 in savings. Additional rate plan changes for cellular turned up $23,000 in savings. After adding in other miscellaneous discoveries, the city stood to save close to $37,000.

“They made the whole process easy and found significant savings in areas where we had no idea we were over-paying.”

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