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Keith Laake

Keith Laake | portrait photo | Cost Control AssociatesKeith Laake is the founder of Cost Control Associates, Inc. By using his financial and analytical background, he has helped develop highly systematic and successful programs to help clients reduce energy, waste removal, cellular and telecom costs. Through the use of these programs, Cost Control Associates has saved its clients millions of dollars.

Keith plays a significant role in managing key accounts and the development of new client programs. His articles describing strategies for reducing energy, cellular, and telecom costs have appeared in a number of regional and national publications.

“I enjoy working with organizations to help them better manage and reduce energy, waste removal and telecom costs. Cost Control Associates has experience in retail, banking, technology, healthcare and many other industries. Our innovative services and customer attentiveness make us a top choice for clients who are seeking a best-in-class solution. The average tenure of our analysts is 14 years, and our customers benefit by that depth of industry experience and commitment.”

Keith Laake received his B.B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and is a certified public accountant. Prior to founding Cost Control Associates, he was chief financial officer for a retail company and prior to that, was a senior manager with Ernst & Young. Keith currently serves as chairman of the Board of Directors for Fort Hudson Health Systems and previously served on the Board and as chair of the Adirondack Regional Chambers of Commerce. He is active in a number of other volunteer organizations. Find Keith on LinkedIn.

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