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Valerie Paquin

Headshot photo of Valerie PaquinValerie Paquin is manager of energy services at Cost Control Associates. She oversees several energy analysts in addition to monitoring general work flow, reviewing claims and analyses, and training and evaluating employee performance. She stays on top of industry news and developments related to deregulation and new technologies. Valerie also monitors tariff changes and Public Service Commission issues while maintaining a database of utility contacts. Valerie serves as project executive on certain client projects and most recently served in the role of senior energy analyst.

“I get a real charge from making sure my clients are happy,” says Val. “I relish the challenge of digging deep to find solutions that will benefit my clients. Not only do I need to learn as much as I can about my clients’ organizations and utility needs but also spend time exploring the nuances of each state’s tariffs and rate structures. Sometimes it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, but it feels great when I find a detail that is going to save my client money!”

Valerie Paquin received her A.B.A. in accounting from State University of New York-Adirondack. She joined Cost Control Associates as an analyst in 1999, was promoted to senior analyst in 2002 and project manager in 2012. Val was named manager of energy services in 2021. She earned the designation of project executive in 2012. She belongs to Networking for Enterprising Women, hosted by the Adirondack Chamber of Commerce. Find Valerie on LinkedIn.

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