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Colin Greer

Colin Greer is an energy professional with 10+ years of consulting and end-user experience creating and managing corporate energy programs. Colin is an account executive and the acting enterprise energy manager for Cost Control Associates. In this role, he supports the strategic execution of demand-side programs and works with national accounts to create customized energy management and sustainability cost solutions.

Prior to joining Cost Control Associates, Colin held positions as Energy Manager at Dollar Tree Stores, as a Senior Energy Analyst at The Home Depot, as an Energy Supply Analyst at Burton Energy Group, and as a Junior Energy analyst at Utility Analysis, Inc. His consulting experience includes positions at GEM Consulting and Accenture.

Colin’s successfully implemented an energy efficiency project that retrofitted 7,000 individual LED lighting retrofits over two years with a $30M+ in total annual savings. He created and scaled an energy demand management program that drove $2M+ in annual energy cost savings by strategically changing HVAC set points during periods of peak demand without disrupting or causing discomfort to store operations. Additionally, Colin has helped customers save thousands of dollars through on-site solar project and community solar program enrollment.

Colin holds a degree in International Business with concentrations in Finance and Spanish from Auburn University.

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