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Energy Cost Management Consulting

Is your accounts payable team struggling to keep up with energy invoices? Are you tired of late fees and shut-off notices? Is your inbox full of inquiries from energy suppliers offering to save you money? Perhaps you have so many locations, you aren’t exactly sure of your company-wide energy usage and cost structures.

Paying less for energy is not a pipe dream.

Today’s businesses are energy-intensive. You are not alone, if you wish you could pay less for the power you need to keep things running.

Cost Control Associates can make your energy headaches go away. We have the expetise and solutions you need to get your energy services at better prices.

It takes a knowledgeable industry professional to do it right. We’ve been in the energy business for 30 years, and our energy team has an average tenure of 14 years with us. We are energy experts who know your providers and work with them daily. We are not aligned with any suppliers or installers, so we keep only your best interest in mind.

Learn more about our services:

  • Utility Bill Management (Bill Pay): If your accounts payable department currently pays and processes your utility bills, you are probably missing errors, paying late fees and risking shut-offs. Due to the short payment terms for most utility bills, we find that clients pay late fees that are typically 1.5% to 10% of the bill amount. We can help you save manpower while reaping significant cost benefits.
  • Utility Data Management: Many organizations lack the in-house resources and expertise to track energy usage and costs, identify errors and take advantage of cost savings opportunities. This is especially true for multi-site companies that operate across more than state. You can’t manage what you can’t see. As part of our bill pay service, we build an extensive database with all of your energy usage and cost information. There are countless options for standard and custom reports, and you get 24/7 access to all your data through our web-based portal.
  • Energy Procurement: If your business spans states that are deregulated for electricity, Cost Control Associates’ energy experts can get you the best prices for your supply. Even if you already have third-party supply contracts, we’ll help you stay on top of contract terms and expiration dates to be sure you get the pricing you agreed to. Our centralized plan for purchasing electricity and natural gas can save you 5-18% of your spend in deregulated markets.
  • Offsite Community Solar: Are your employees, clients and shareholders eager for your organization to adopt renewable energy? Offsite community solar allows you to take advantage of solar electricity, even when you don’t have the physical space or bandwidth to build your own installation. If you are interested in expanding your energy portfolio to include solar power, our in-house experts will find the best opportunities to match your business objectives.
  • Cut Utility Costs (Bill Audit): Our fixed cost reduction programs offer an in-depth examination of your monthly bills that can point to optimized rates and significant savings. We thoroughly examine your invoices (for energy as well as many other categories) to uncover billing errors, obtain refunds and analyze rate choices​. (There are no upfront costs for this service. You pay us an agreed upon percentage of the savings we find for you.)
  • Turn Utilities On & Off: If you open and close locations frequently, we can manage that process for you. We have dedicated staff who talk to utility providers daily on behalf of our clients. No more long waits on hold when you let us do the work. We know the right questions to ask as well as the paperwork and information needed to get accounts opened or closed efficiently and on time.
  • Green Gas Emissions Reporting: Robust reporting capabilities help you better manage your energy usage and costs. You will also gain the greenhouse-gas reporting capabilities that are now required in certain cities. Savings result from having access to utility expense data that can be used to identify potential energy efficiency projects, utility budget management, emissions reporting calculations and more.

It’s important to have an experienced energy company like Cost Control Associates in your corner. We are industry experts who work with you to understand your facilities and usage. We offer customized services that allow you to stay on top of your costs, data and utility accounts.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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