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Purchasing electricity, natural gas and other fuels in deregulated markets is complex. To limit your risk exposure, you must have an extensive understanding of market trends and regulatory complexities for each state and utility where you conduct business. When procuring telecommunications services, there are other risks to consider.

Either way, you want to trust that you are getting the best options for the right price. When you don’t have the expertise in-house, Cost Control Associates expands your team. We have saved millions of dollars in avoided costs for our procurement clients, and we’d like to help you.

Energy Supply

Cost Effective, Risk Averse
We craft a customized solution that will help you manage the energy procurement process to drive down per-unit costs with a program that matches your risk profile. While we have established relationships with suppliers, we have no formal ties to them, so you get our undivided attention and dedicated support. Our energy procurement services include:

  • Evaluating deregulated opportunities by state and utility
  • Comparing utility rates against competitive supply offerings and the timing of auction markets
  • Assessing savings opportunities
  • Performing due diligence on suppliers, pricing, terms and contract considerations
  • Assisting in the selection of suppliers, including negotiation and execution of energy agreements
  • Ongoing contract management and identification of market opportunities

We can also help you develop a customized energy procurement plan for the long term. We help determine your procurement objectives, assess your risk profile and quantify market risks and opportunities. The resulting plan will:

  • Manage risks against established budgets
  • Outline risk management strategies to lower prices for the short and long terms
  • Hedge forward purchases on a predetermined basis to enhance budget certainty
  • Combine fixed and index-based purchases to meet price targets

Frequently Asked Questions
Visit: Energy Procurement Services FAQ

Telecom Services & Equipment

Landline Solutions
Whether it’s for local and long distance services (voice and data) or internet, we help you gain the advantage over service providers. We have the technical knowledge and experience to clearly understand service differentials and pricing. Our expertise allows you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Maximize supplier service
  • Minimize financial risks

You want the best network equipment and services for the best price. We help you compare and evaluate your options. We can also help you write a clear, concise RFP to get the services that help your organization run smoothly.

Cellular Phones and Devices
The purchase of cellular services is unique due to the ever-changing technical knowledge required to understand service differentials and associated pricing structures. Major carriers may offer hundreds of rate plans at any point in time.

Many organizations do not have the in-house time and expertise to maximize the cost-effectiveness of their cellular purchases. Cost Control Associates can help. Our goal is not only to reduce costs but also to maximize supplier service and minimize financial risks associated with the marketplace.

We ensure that your rate plans are optimized by determining if charges are correct and accurate. If we find errors, we obtain refunds for you. To optimize your ongoing costs, we explore rate plan changes and consider elimination of unnecessary features, phones and devices.

Cost Control Associates will:

  • Analyze usage data and costs
  • Evaluate the numerous alternative rate plans offered by your current service provider and, if desired, alternate suppliers
  • Select the most cost-effective cellular rate plans and calculate annual savings
  • Recommend, implement and confirm rate changes

To learn more, please contact us.

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"Cost Control Associates recommended and implemented changes in local calling plans that resulted in significant savings for our company. We found Cost Control Associates to be prompt and detailed in their reporting and their employees very professional and courteous."

F. W. Webb Company March 18, 2016

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