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3 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Utility Bill Management Consultant

When looking for a utility bill management consultant, the natural inclination is to think of cost alone. What you really need to consider is that you are about to enter into a long-term relationship, so it’s important to find the right partner. It is also important to look at the experience of the staff who will work on your account.

  1. We build strong client relationships. Cost Control Associates builds the kind of client relationship that makes us want to help, even if the problem falls outside the scope of our contracted work. For instance, one of our clients spent about six months wrangling with the utility company to stop a double-billing issue. An account had been on an unmetered rate, but then the utility installed a meter and started billing at a metered rate. The problem was that the utility had not stopped charging the unmetered rate. “Our client knew it was being billed twice but couldn’t get the utility to do anything about it,” relates Allison Levin, who manages the Cost Control Associates analysis team. “There wasn’t a lot of money involved, but the client was frustrated on principle. We had the experience to recognize that it was just a matter of knowing how to push the issue forward and then following up until it was fixed. We ended up going to the Public Service Commission and got it resolved. Our client was delighted. This illustrates our desire to help our clients, even if we don’t get paid for it.”
  2. We find more than the other firms. While doing a secondary review for a grocery chain that already had a bill-pay company, Cost Control Associates noticed a meter-multiplier issue for one of their municipal accounts. “A meter multiplier is a predetermined factor that is applied to metered readings to determine actual consumption,” explains Allison. “They installed a new meter, but the billing office didn’t realize the factor for the new meter had changed from 100 to 10. They kept applying the factor of 100, and this went on for about six months. The company’s bill-pay provider should have caught it right away when the client’s usage pattern changed. We worked with the utility to fix the situation and saved our new client $16,000.”
  3. Our experience and industry knowledge. Rather than forcing clients into cookie-cutter solutions, when Cost Control Associates is your utility bill management consultant, we customize our services to meet your needs. “If our clients want a special report, we are always willing to pull the data they need,” says Allison. “We have extensive rate and market knowledge, and we know the ins and outs of working with a utility company. A customer service rep might tell you something isn’t possible, and that’s the end of it. When we make that call on your behalf, the Cost Control Associates team has the knowledge and skills to escalate the problem until it is resolved.”

Now, isn’t that the kind of service you want from your utility bill management consultant? To learn more about how Cost Control Associates can help your organization, contact us.

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