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Queensbury, NY, July 28, 2014 – Cost Control Associates (CCA) announces an important staffing change in its Queensbury NY corporate office.

Allison Levin has been promoted to Analysis Team Director. She is responsible for management of all energy and telecom services staff and production activities as well as  direct responsibility for billing and information systems.  She has progressed through various analyst roles delivering expert cost reduction solutions in energy procurement, telecom and waste removal. With more than 15 years of experience at CCA, she is an ideal fit to take over the management of CCA’s team of analysts.

“We continue to see strong demand for our services and are working hard to develop our team of cost control experts to meet the needs of our clients,” said Keith Laake, President, Cost Control Associates, Inc. “We continue to invest in our human resources and strive to provide a professional environment where our whole team can work together, learn and grow their careers.”

For more information, please visit www.costcontrolassociates.com or call 518.798.4437.

About Cost Control Associates, Inc.

Cost Control Associates is a leader in helping clients reduce and better manage energy, telecom, and waste removal costs through the use of its innovative programs. Its clients include multi-site retail, banking, technology, and other service organizations. Cost Control Associates also provides services to healthcare and educational facilities as well as governmental departments and agencies. Since 1991, Cost Control Associates has provided services on a nationwide basis. The diverse clients includes such companies as Walmart, Home Depot, GE, JC Penney, Coca Cola, Aetna and Union Pacific.

Press Contact:

Lisa Miller, Marketing & Communications Manager
Cost Control Associates, Inc.
P: 518.798.4437
E: lisa.miller@costcontrolassociates.com

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