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Gilbert, Arizona, began as a rail siding along the Arizona Eastern Railway and quickly became a thriving agricultural community. The first school, Gilbert Elementary, opened in 1913. Gilbert High opened later that year. As the town and population grew, so did the schools.

Today Gilbert Public Schools enroll more than 39,000 students. Facilities include 26 elementary schools, six junior high schools, five high schools, four academies and one alternative education facility.


Gilbert Public Schools sought cost savings across its entire school system. Energy, waste/sewer and telecom were targeted, and the assistant superintendent established the goals. The plan was to identify overcharges, collect refunds, implement cost savings through rate reductions and confirm that all bills were correct. Cost Control Associates and its Cost Recovery and Reduction service provided the best solution.

“We were impressed that Cost Control Associates’ efforts produced refunds and annual savings of more than $40,000.”


Using its proprietary software and seasoned team of energy, waste and telecom analysts, Cost Control began its detailed review of the school’s utility accounts and services. After a thorough analysis, they provided a detailed account of their findings. Next the team obtained the refunds, corrected and negotiated services and verified that all changes were implemented.

Cost Control Associates’ review produced telecom refunds of more than $10,000 and annual savings over $23,000. The energy review identified annual savings of nearly $6,500. Charges for water and sewer services were found to be correct.

Gilbert Public Schools now had the assurance that its utility bills were properly rated and calculated. They could look toward the future with the knowledge that they were no longer overpaying for utilities. Perhaps best of all, they can rest easily, knowing they are efficient, cost-conscious stewards of precious school tax funds.

“The greatest value is knowing we are now accurately billed by the utility and telecom companies.”


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