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YRC Worldwide Inc. is one of the largest transportation service providers on the globe. As the holding company for a portfolio of successful brands, YRC Worldwide has a comprehensive logistics network across North America offering local, regional and national capabilities.One stop shopping | YRC freight track rounding a road bend | Cost Control Associates


When YRC personnel discovered several closed locations for which they were still paying utilities, they were concerned. The company spent millions on energy and had more than 1,000 utility accounts but no centralized database. It became clear that they needed more visibility into their energy cost structure and the amounts spent at each site.

“You may think your company is doing an adequate job on utility management, but Cost Control Associates does it better.”


Cost Control Associates came to the rescue by implementing its Invoice Processing and Payment program to manage all of YRC’s utility accounts and site information. Invoices are now mailed directly to the Cost Control team for analysis and payment. Through an online web portal, the client not only has 24/7 access to scanned copies of each invoice but can also slice and dice every detail of account information as part of an on-demand
reporting feature.

Cost Control Associates offers a complete energy management solution, and YRC was anxious to take advantage. The company enjoys the benefits of several programs:

  • Historical Cost Recovery & Reduction: Cost Control analyzed past invoices, rates and tariffs to identify refunds and cost savings.
  • Data Analysis and Review: Experts keep a close eye on the company’s nationwide utility expenses, providing quarterly reviews and alerting YRC to any aberrations.
  • Energy Procurement: In today’s volatile energy marketplace, it takes expertise to balance risks and manage procurement budgets. YRC uses this program to obtain energy supplies at minimum cost and within an acceptable level of risk.
  • Location Opening and Closing Services:
    It takes flexibility to stay on top of your industry. For YRC this means opening and closing facilities to meet market demands. A dedicated Cost Control team member arranges or terminates gas, electric, water and sewer services as needed.
  • Deposit Recovery: Cost Control negotiates with utility vendors to decrease or eliminate account deposits, recouping cash that goes straight to the bottom line.

“Cost Control Associates has saved us millions!”

When you partner with Cost Control Associates, you get your own utility cost management team—and that’s good business!

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