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Skilled Utility Expense Management is Key

The Power of Proactive Thinking
It’s easy to fall into the habit of reacting to events, even though you know proactive thinking gets the best results for the long term, especially when it comes to utility cost management.

The same is true when you contract with utility companies that provide you with energy, waste removal and telecommunications services. Even though your accounts may be set up properly at the outset of your relationship, things can change behind the scenes—and that can cost you more. If you want to find refunds and optimize utility expensescentralize invoice payments, manage and analyze utility data or plan for the future, Cost Control Associates has the expertise to do the job right. With the support and guidance of our premier utility cost management services, you can be sure you have the right services for the right price.

For clients who have in-house utility teams, we serve as consultants or manage those special projects that fall outside the scope or time constraints of your staff. Clients without in-house teams often choose to outsource the entire utility expense management function to Cost Control Associates.

We help you get the most from your utility providers. Our utility expense management services allow you to:

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"We hired Cost Control Associates to improve our budgeting process for water, sewer, gas and electric services across all worksites. They were already processing and paying our energy invoices,so  it made sense to learn about their Budgeting and Forecasting Services. With their support, we enhanced our budgeting accuracy and gained ability to adjust utility values as needed. Cost Control delivers a timely, accurate result—and their people are always pleasant to work with."

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