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When It Comes to Paying for Utilities…

Don’t Accept the Status Quo
Sometimes it seems easier not to rock the boat, but you may be missing the boat if you take the same approach to paying for utilities. You may have a system or team in place for making sure all of your utility accounts are paid on time across your business organization, but there might be a better way.

Your accounts payable people are not utility experts, and they probably don’t have the time or expertise to carefully examine each bill for appropriate rates and tariffs. Just because those factors were correct at the beginning of your provider relationship, there’s no guarantee that they are all still correct.

If you have an in-house utilities team, we can augment their efforts and free up that manpower for other more critical internal activities. Clients without in-house teams often choose to outsource the entire utility management function to Cost Control Associates.

If your organization operates multiple facilities or has more than 200 employees, Cost Control Associates can probably help you better manage your utility expenses for:

  • Electricity & gas
  • Water/sewer
  • Waste Removal
  • Telecommunications: Land and Cellular

We help you get the most from your utility providers. Our services and programs allow you to:

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"We had already made good progress in tracking and controlling energy costs on our own, so we questioned whether Cost Control Associates could do any better. The $2.5 million in annual savings that they found was quite an answer!"

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National Telecom Carrier March 18, 2016

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