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At Cost Control Associates we work with you and for you, sharing our expertise and delivering top-notch customer service.

Our clients believe the best way to manage utility expenses is by working with our experienced analysts who understand the nuances of the utilities industry and stay abreast of changes. Because we are independent of utility providers and equipment installers, you are assured that our efforts are always in your best interest.

For clients who have in-house utility teams, we serve as consultants or manage those special projects that fall outside the scope or time constraints of your staff. Clients without in-house teams often choose to outsource the entire utility management function to Cost Control Associates.

We help you get the most from your utilities providers. Our services and programs allow you to:

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"We hired Cost Control Associates to improve our budgeting process for water, sewer, gas and electric services across all worksites. They were already processing and paying our energy invoices,so  it made sense to learn about their Budgeting and Forecasting Services. With their support, we enhanced our budgeting accuracy and gained ability to adjust utility values as needed. Cost Control delivers a timely, accurate result—and their people are always pleasant to work with."

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